Change Context: Why it matters and how to use it to tailor your change management approach.

Although it would be terribly convenient, most change implementations do not operate in a bubble sealed off from outside influences. That’s why it’s important to consider how contextual factors may influence your change effort. In this article, I discuss how to analyze your context and use your findings to tailor your change management approach to your current environment.

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How to support individual change as part of your organizational change management plan

What can you do to support individual change as part of your broader change management efforts? In this article, we offer a few suggestions:

  • Understand basic theories that explain why people choose to act (or not).

  • Engage with end users to identify the specific change barriers and enablers that are likely to impact your efforts.

  • Select the “best” intervention to address the barriers you’ve identified — which, to be fair, is easier said than done.

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Governance — why you need more than a RACI and Decision Rights template to get it right. [Examples and Tools]

When it comes to roles and decision-making on change projects, people often like to keep things takes more than a template to change that. In this article, I review the evidence linking governance with success, as well as provide models and tips to help you align your governance approach to your context. 

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HARD LESSONS: Helping your team learn from failure. [Facilitation Guide]

Especially during challenging times, team learning requires honest reflection to identify team behaviors or practices that may be contributing to poor performance. Such conversations can be tricky to facilitate and, for that reason, are often skipped. Don't miss your opportunity to help your team uncover learning that can transform its performance. Here's one way to do it. 

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Improving Teamwork: 9 Things to Consider

Those of us involved in implementation understand intuitively how critical collective effort is for success. That said, as practitioners, we may not have a firm grounding in what it is, exactly, that helps or inhibits teamwork.  If that's the case for you, read on!  In this post, we highlight nine factors to consider when working to build an effective team. 

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