Change Skills Coaching

Sharpening skills for change success

Change skills coaching is ideal for leaders at all levels who want to sharpen their ability to drive change in their teams, departments, and organizations.

Our focus is on strengthening your performance in the core competencies of change implementation: communication, goal-setting, problem identification, solution selection, staff engagement, implementation planning, measurement, team development and more.

I draw on over twenty-years experience in organizational change and graduate-level training in coaching, to support you through real-time change challenges and opportunities. I hold certifications in change management and project management, among other credentials, so you can be confident our discussions will be grounded in recognized standards of good practice.

Is this right for you? It only takes 30 minutes to find out. Schedule a time for us to chat today — it’s free and there’s no obligation for you to continue.

What it is NOT

  • A training course

  • A set curriculum or a step-by-step process for change

  • Consulting services that solve change challenges for you

  • A lecture by an expert where clear “right” and “wrong” answers are defined

What it IS

  • Tailored to your goals and the growth areas most pressing to you

  • Aimed at building on existing skills and strengths

  • Concentrated on real-time situations related to a current change

  • Driven by you – you set the agenda for each session; you decide what you work on between sessions

  • A collaboration aimed at supporting you to excel

How does it work?

You can book as little as three sessions to focus on single, real-time change challenge, or we can work together throughout the lifespan of your change effort. Regardless, you can can expect:

  • Assessments: All coaching series include assessments, targeted to your needs — e.g., strengths, skills, etc. We will particularly focus on leveraging your strengths.

  • Goals and Plans: All coaching is directed by your goals. We'll collaboratively develop clear goal statements to guide us, as well as the action plans you'll need to achieve them.

  • Awareness Building: A process of exploring your current situation, clarifying what has (hasn't) worked for you in the past, and identifying new avenues you might try.

  • Tailored one-on-one coaching: We'll meet via Zoom web conference on a regular schedule, usually for 60 minutes every two weeks. (The first session is always longer and lasts about 90 minutes).

  • Convenience: Online scheduling, payment, and virtual sessions via video conference.

  • Insights: Key findings and leading practices from change research are often woven into our collaboration during sessions or for exploration on your own.

  • Experiences: You'll "put insights into practice" between coaching sessions, and we'll debrief your experiences for continued learning.

  • Confidential, non-judgmental support. I believe firmly in your ability to succeed and identify what works best for you. It's not my role to judge you or your ideas, but rather to help you — and sometimes challenge you — to clarify your change leadership goals and take the steps necessary to achieve them.

What should I expect to invest?

When considering coaching it’s important to consider what improved performance and greater confidence in times of change is worth to you — not just in monetary terms, but also related to the time, attention, and energy you’ll invest in the process.

  • To reap the benefits of coaching you’ll need to invest your focus, energy, and time both during and between coaching sessions. It’s important to create the space you’ll need to explore and experiment.

  • Three session packages are for those who want to target a single, change competency with a focus on immediate action. Priced at $575 (USD), this package includes a Strengths Profile, an initial 90-minute session and two, 60 minute sessions.

  • Six session packages are idea for those looking to build greater awareness of and skill in multiple change competencies or who want a collaborative partner for more of their change journey. Priced at $1025 (USD), this package includes a Strength Profile and Change Leader Profile, an initial 90-minute session and five, 60 minute sessions.

  • Single, 60-minute sessions start at $175 and are available to clients who have completed an initial coaching series.

Is change-skills coaching right for you?

Find out by scheduling a time for us to chat. We’ll discuss your current situation, the type of support you are looking for, and my services and approach. The only cost to you is 30 minutes of your time.