Helping organizations and individuals master the art and science of change. 

Executing change can seem daunting, if not impossible. It doesn’t have to. There are proven ways to successfully implement organizational and personal change  — I help my clients master them to get the results they desire.



For Organizations

I help organizational leaders and teams build their change capacity by focusing on evidence-based practices that make the most difference in change results.

Wendy is an extraordinary professional, motivated by making an organization become the best it can be.

..Wendy’s not ‘telling me what to do’, but she has an amazing way of guiding me toward my truth.

For Individuals

As a coach, my firm belief is that anyone who wants to change, can. My ambition is to help you get clear about what you want and to support (and sometimes challenge) you to identify and take the actions necessary — sometimes leaps, sometimes small steps — to get there.

About Wendy Hirsch

My two decades of experience as an implementer spans the non-profit, for-profit and government sectors in the U.S. and abroad and is firmly grounded in evidence-based approaches that create measurable results for my clients.

To be a successful agent of change requires us to bring the best of ourselves to the effort. For that reason, I hold certifications in change management, project management and coaching, as well as meditation and yoga instruction.

Wendy is an extraordinary professional, motivated by making an organization become the best it can be.

About the book, The Implementer's Starter Kit

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When implementation is an afterthought, tackled with a 'quick and dirty' approach, things may get done, but they rarely produce results. What's the point in that? Learn to master the art and science of implementing change for results with my new book, The Implementer's Start Kit, a practical guide designed for those new to implementation, as well as those looking for new approaches.

Now available in paperback!


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