How to support individual change as part of your organizational change management plan

What can you do to support individual change as part of your broader change management efforts? In this article, we offer a few suggestions:

  • Understand basic theories that explain why people choose to act (or not).

  • Engage with end users to identify the specific change barriers and enablers that are likely to impact your efforts.

  • Select the “best” intervention to address the barriers you’ve identified — which, to be fair, is easier said than done.

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The one thing you should absolutely do to become an expert planner.

As it turns out, simply being aware of what experts do won't ensure you become one.  Rather, if you want to build expertise in a particular area, such as planning, research indicates there is one thing you should do.  And because even an expert can't do it alone, we offer three tips on how to help your team, help you plan. 

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Planning lessons from Goldilocks...the trick is getting it 'just right'.

Recently a reader asked for advice on how to effectively execute the planning phase of implementation when leaders, sponsors, or team members want to just skip it and start doing stuff already! Research shows that you can do too little planning, but also that you can do too much.  How do you get it 'just right'?  Read on!

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Employee Participation (Part II): Practical tips for facilitating productive participation.

Employee participation in change efforts is associated with a variety of benefits, but it's not without its complexities. Productive participation takes skill on the part of the change leader/facilitator and participant. The best way to build this skill is through experience.  So in this post, Part II of our review on participation & change, we provide tips and resources on various participatory methods that you can incorporate into your next change effort. 

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How can I be more clear?

The ability to clearly formulate and express ideas is critical to successful implementation efforts.  If you weren't born with it, how do you develop it? I've identified five common practices and one overarching truth about achieving clarity.  If you can accept this truth — Clarity takes effort — then the five practices outlined in this post should help you.  

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Lost & Found: Wayfinding tips for Project Managers

Through recent experiences hiking in the California desert, I've learned a lot about being lost and finding my way again.  These wayfinding lessons have proven to be useful in areas of my life beyond hiking — including my work as a project manager.  If you find yourself leading a project that’s gotten off course, these tips may be just what you need to get back on track.

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