Organizational Change Consulting 

Helping you turn your great ideas into great achievements

My consulting-coaching model allows your organization to leverage my deep implementation expertise on your current change effort, while providing the long-term value of essential learning that leaders and staff can apply on changes well into the future.

As a consultant, I use evidenced-informed methods to help leaders and teams develop and execute the implementation approach that takes them from mandate to measurable results. My role can include facilitating leadership discussions about the change, advising change leads on approaches and strategies, or providing micro-training sessions to change teams on key change topics.

As a coach, I engage directly with your change lead or team to provide ongoing development support. This often involves scheduled check-ins throughout the life of a change effort to help the team optimize their approach and navigate the challenges that inevitably arise during major implementation efforts. 

Wendy was easy to work with and trust. A rare find.

Informed by experience, backed by evidence

I bring extensive knowledge of the art of change implementation honed over twenty years of implementing organizational changes. My practical experience ranges from the global roll-out of a new strategy, to embedding new practices and software tools across multiple departments, to introducing a new program in a community. I am a certified change management professional (CCMP), project management professional (PMP) and hold a certificate in evidence-based coaching. Learn more about my background here.

Importantly, I marry learning from my professional experience with the latest academic research on what works (and what doesn’t) in implementation. An evidenced-informed implementation framework provides the foundation for all my engagements. In fact, I believe in the power of this framework so much, I wrote a book about it. (Which is now being used as the core text in graduate-level courses on change management.)

[Wendy is] a strategic thinker who also understands how to shape and design projects, asks all the right questions to ensure requirements are clear AND understands what it takes to get all the stakeholders aligned.

Are we a good fit? 

A conversation is the best way for us to mutually evaluate if my services are a good fit for your need. Let’s discuss it!  In the meantime, consider that my approach is designed for organizations that have:

  • Clear leadership for their change effort

  • A desire to build in-house change management capability

  • A team, or willingness to identify one, to execute the change

  • A basic level of existing, in-house project management expertise

Let's discuss!

Contact me or set an appointment for an initial conversation, the only cost to you is 30 minutes of your time.