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Professional online coaching — meets you wherever you are. 

I specialize in helping individuals successfully master the hard and rewarding work of change. Career advancement, work-life balance, improved performance, personal fulfillment — the focus of the change is unique to each client. However, the desire for change and willingness to change is common among all my clients.  

In order to fully benefit from coaching, it's important to understand what coaching is (and isn't) and to find the coach that best meets your needs and style. You can learn more about coaching with me below.  

...Wendy’s not ‘telling me what to do’ , but she has an amazing way of guiding me toward my truth.
— COO, Nonprofit

A Unique Experience

As a coach, I listen with curiosity and without judgment. This is a unique experience for many clients. Often when we share ideas, thoughts, or challenges with friends, family or colleagues, we get unsolicited advice or opinions. As a coach, my aim is not to evaluate what you say or think, or to try to "fix" your "problems" for you.  Instead, I listen to understand your perspectives and your ideas on your terms. I listen both to what you say…and don’t say. I collaborate with you through questions, perspectives, and dialog to help you identify insights that move you closer to your goals.  

Your Agenda

In coaching, you are in the driver's seat. You decide what the goals are for the overall coaching engagement and in each session. For some clients, the focus is wholly about work, for others it’s about navigating life outside of work, for others a mix of both. Browse through the gallery below to see the common topics clients and I collaborate on.

Your Solutions

Unlike consulting, mentoring, or therapy, in coaching I don’t offer solutions, advice, or a diagnosis. Although I do have twenty-years of experience in strategy and operations leadership, as a coach I am not a content expert. Rather, my firm belief is that you are capable of finding the solutions that work best for you. My job is to offer the questions, observations, support, and sometimes challenge, that helps you to do that.

Learn more about the differences between coaching, consulting, therapy, mentoring and training, here. 

My Approach & Pricing

I aim to create a space that allows for “purposeful wandering”. Our work together is guided by clear goals, but the journey to achieve them is something we craft as we go. 

I hold a certificate in evidence-based coaching from Fielding Graduate University, which means I have a background in a broad variety of theories and approaches, rather than in a fixed model of coaching. I rarely use formal assessment instruments; I prefer to work with clients to draw insights from actual experiences and feedback. I am also a certified meditation instructor; for clients who have an interest, I sometimes integrate meditation techniques into my coaching work. You can learn more about my background here. 

I work with clients virtually, using a web-conferencing platform. Most sessions last between 30-45 minutes and take place weekly or bi-weekly. Learn more about my coaching process here.

Finally, I use a 'pay what you wish' pricing model.  Learn more about my pricing here. 


Interested and want to learn more? 

I loved the structure of my coaching sessions with Wendy. Scheduling sessions was really easy, using the video platform was a breeze, and all the tools Wendy offered fit my learning style and focus. Wendy ensured I took the lead in the process and created a safe, casual environment that encouraged me to do the personal growth work.
— Program Executive, State Government

Getting Started

If you think you might like to work with me or have additional questions, the first step is to let me know! I'll be interested to learn more about what you are looking to focus on in coaching and what you are looking for in a coach. If I think my skills might be a good match for your focus, I'll invite you to schedule a time for us to discuss further (it's free and there's no obligation.)

When you are ready, take the next step, and let me know you are interested!