My pricing philosophy

What you pay depends on the value you percieve.

Two core ideas inform my pricing philosophy for coaching. First, you must value your coaching experience for it to be effective. It demands investment from you— of time, energy, and funds. I offer my clients the opportunity to decide what they pay, based on the value they derive from our collaboration and the results we create. Second, I understand that our ambitions and our means are not always equal. My adjustable pricing aims to make quality, professional coaching accessible to a broad array of clients. 

Below are answers to common questions about how I use the 'pay what you wish' pricing model. At the start of the coaching engagement, each client is provided with a full explanation of all policies and terms.

How does 'pay what you wish' work?

All clients are charged the same base fee for each type of coaching session, (which is about $1/minute.)  You then "top up" what you pay, based on the value you feel you are deriving from our collaboration. No questions asked. 

What does it cost?

All coaching series include one discovery session at the start and then standard sessions of 30 or 45 minutes each for the duration of the series. 

  • The discovery session lasts 50 - 60 minutes and has a base fee of $60.
  • Standard sessions last 30 or 45 minutes, and have a base of $30 and $45, respectively. 
  • You "top up" the base fee to reflect the value you feel you are deriving from our collaboration. 

So, for example, a seven-session series would cost $240 base, plus any "top up" value you add. ($60 for the discovery session and $30 each for six 30-minute sessions). 

How does this compare with the "market rate" for coaching? 

Coaching rates vary widely, based on the type of coaching provided, location of the coach and client, the experience of the coach, as well as the nature of the industry of those being coached. The best way to compare pricing is to reach out to a variety of coaches. That said, many coaches charge between $125 - $250 per hour.

How do I pay? 

You pay online via credit/debit card through my scheduling system. Payment is required when you book your session. If you need to cancel a session, you will receive a refund, as long as you cancel at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.

How many sessions will it take to reach my goal?

Change takes time and so does coaching. To realize the often transformational benefits of coaching may require consistent effort over several months. For many clients, I suggest an initial three-month collaboration of bi-weekly sessions, after which time we assess to see if additional sessions would be beneficial. That said, I often work with clients for 8 - 12 months; my minimum engagement is four sessions. 

During the initial discovery session, we will establish a coaching agreement, which will include our joint assessment of how long we'll work together and how often we'll have sessions. 

Note, this is an agreement, not a contract. You are never obligated to continue to work with me as your coach. Similarly, if I feel we are not making progress or that I am not the best professional to meet your needs, I can also elect to end the engagement. 

I represent an organization that's looking to contract with a coach. Can we 'pay what we wish'? 

This model is intended for individuals who seek coaching to support their personal or professional development. To learn more about my services for organizations, see here.

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These terms are current as of June 2018 and are subject to change without notice.


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