Skills-based Coaching

Skills-based coaching focuses on helping organizational and change leaders increase their awareness and ability in the core competencies of change implementation, such as, communication, goal-setting, problem identification, solution selection, staff engagement, implementation planning, measurement, facilitation and team development.

Importantly, this work is done within the context of a coaching session, and is thus client-driven and collaborative. It often focuses on immediate challenges faced on the job, rather than hypothetical scenarios one may address during training. Also unlike training, which is normally directive and based on a set curriculum, my skills-based coaching services are tailored to meet the specific, self-identified goals of my clients.

A few tips for scheduling your coaching session

  • Purchase first, then schedule. When purchasing a package, you’ll receive a code to unlock discounted pricing when scheduling your sessions.

  • First time or starting a new series? Book a Discovery Session.

  • Returning client? Choose a Standard Session.

  • Need to add a session to a series for a quick consult? Choose a Short Session (30 minutes).

  • For more information on scheduling policies scroll down, or refer to your coaching agreement.

  • Still have questions? Contact me.

Quick Pivot Package — $575

This package is designed for those who want to target a single change competency with a focus on immediate action. We’ll build awareness of your strengths and design experiments that allow you to use your them along with research-based practices. We’ll debrief your experiences for insights that we’ll use to develop an action plan you can execute going forward.

This package is usually used within six weeks, with sessions scheduled every two weeks.


  • 1 Strengths Profile (completed as pre-work)

  • 1 Discovery Session (90 minutes)

  • 2 Standard Sessions (60 min)

Change Partner Package - $1025

This in-depth coaching package is perfect for change leaders looking to increase their awareness of various change competencies and their ability to effectively apply them over time. We start by building awareness of your strengths and self-rated change competency level. Guided by your coaching goals, we’ll explore various options for addressing current challenges or topping up your performance, drawing on a mix of your strengths, research-based practices and the demands of your current situation. You’ll have the opportunity to undertake several cycles of learning — putting ideas into practice between sessions, and debriefing the experience during sessions. We end the series with reflection and action planning to support you to carry your learning forward.

This package is usually used within a 3 month timeframe. When you buy this package, it’s like getting one standard session for free.


  • 1 Strengths Profile and 1 Change Skills Profile

  • 1 Discovery Session (90 min)

  • 5 Standard Sessions (60 min)

Single Session Rates & Scheduling

You can always opt to pay-as-you-go or add additional sessions as needed after a package is complete. Use the buttons below to purchase and schedule at pay-as-you go rates. You can also use these buttons below to schedule at discounted rates, using your package code.

Discovery Session - $275

Discovery sessions are 90 minutes, and are generally used to kick-off a coaching series (debrief profiles and set coaching goals). However, they can also be used if a longer working session is needed. (You have the option of adding a Strengths Profile to this session for an additional $50.)

Standard Session - $175

Standard skill-based sessions are 60 minutes. Prior to the session, I’ll ask you via email to provide your goal or focus for the session. This will enable me to identify specific skills or tools we may review during the session.

Short Session - $100

Short sessions are 30 minutes. They can be used by established clients for trouble-shooting an urgent issue, or for a check-in on a single topic.

Additional Information

Book in advance to stay on top of your sessions.  You can book multiple sessions in advance — up to 60 days ahead of time. Payment is appreciated at the time of booking.

Check your email for your appointment confirmation and reminders. You'll receive two email reminders about your session — 36 hours and 1 hour in advance.  If you want to sign up for text reminders, you can do that, too. You'll receive one text, 36 hours prior to your appointment.

Make changes up to 24 hours in advance.  If you need to make a change to your appointment you can do so directly from your invite up to 24 hours in advance of your session.

What if I discover coaching isn’t for me? For all multi-session packages, pro-rated refunds are available in the event either of us decides we are not making progress or I am not the best professional to meet your needs. See your coaching agreement for specifics.

Pricing terms are current as of February 2018 — they are subject to change at any time. Please refer to your coaching agreement for a full discussion of expectations and terms.