Capture the opportunity in change 

I coach driven people at all levels who are undertaking the rewarding work of change. Career transitions and advancement, work-life balance, transforming leadership practices, improving performance — the focus of the change is unique to each client. However, the desire to make a change is common among all my clients.  

...Wendy’s not ‘telling me what to do’ , but she has an amazing way of guiding me toward my truth.
— COO, Nonprofit

A Unique Experience

When we share ideas, thoughts, or challenges with friends, family, or colleagues, we may get unsolicited advice, opinions, or judgment. Coaching is a different experience. As a coach, my job is to listen to your perspectives and your ideas on your terms…not to make judgments or offer solutions. I am an objective and committed partner, whose primary interest is to help you achieve your goals in the way that best suits you. 

Your Agenda

In coaching, you are in the driver's seat. You choose your goals for the overall coaching engagement and in each session. For some clients, the focus is wholly about work, for others it’s about navigating life outside of work, for others a mix of both. I often work with clients who are focused on reinvigorating their career, creating new ventures, or aiming to better align their investments of time and energy with their priorities.

Your Solutions

Unlike consulting, mentoring, or therapy, in coaching I don’t offer solutions, advice, or a diagnosis. Although I do have twenty-years of experience in strategy and operations leadership, and a long history of advising executives, as a coach my role is not that of content expert. You are capable of finding the solutions that will work best for you. My job is to offer the questions, observations, support, and challenge that helps you to do that.

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My Approach

I aim to create a space that allows for “purposeful wandering.” We define goals for our work together to ensure our efforts are purposeful and focused on clear outcomes. We spend time building awareness — of self, context and options. We marry that awareness with action — identifying and learning from experiments that move you closer to your goals. Throughout the process, we makes space for exploration, to provide you the opportunity to develop the novel perspectives and insights that are often the catalyst to change.

I work with most clients virtually, using a video-conferencing platform, but also meet face-to-face with clients who live in the Tampa Bay area.

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I hold a certificate in evidence-based coaching from Fielding Graduate University, which means I draw from a variety of theories and approaches, rather than relying on a fixed model of coaching. I also bring the understanding and context gained from twenty-years leading strategic change efforts and managing teams and global initiatives. I spent more than a decade in positions directly supporting and advising C-suite executives.

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My Pricing

My pricing philosophy is grounded in two aims: to provide top-notch professional coaching at an accessible price while also reflecting the value and benefits of the coaching collaboration. 

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I loved the structure of my coaching sessions with Wendy. Scheduling sessions was really easy, using the video platform was a breeze, and all the tools Wendy offered fit my learning style and focus. Wendy ensured I took the lead in the process and created a safe, casual environment that encouraged me to do the personal growth work.
— Program Executive, State Government

Getting Started

If you’d like to learn more about working with me or have additional questions, take the next step and schedule a time for us to talk. It’s free and there is no obligation. I'll be interested to learn more about the challenge, opportunity, or change you'd like to work on with a coach and what you are looking for a coach to provide.

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