My pricing philosophy

Two core ideas inform how I price my coaching services. First, I aim to offer high quality, professional coaching to motivated professionals at all levels, and in a variety of industries, including nonprofits. Second, in order for coaching to be effective, I believe clients must value and invest in the coaching collaboration. 

Below are answers to common questions about my pricing. At the start of the coaching engagement, each client is provided with a full explanation of all policies and terms.

What is the value of coaching? 

I encourage all clients to consider the value of achieving the goals they have set for themselves. What's it worth to have that new job? A business plan in place for your new venture? Greater confidence in leading your team? A demonstrated commitment to your health and well-being? 

Keep in mind, most of the investment you make in coaching is an investment in yourself. 

How many sessions will it "take"?

Change takes time, and so does coaching. To realize the often transformational benefits of coaching may require consistent effort for six months or more. That said, I also offer packages designed to allow you to test the waters of coaching, to see if it’s right for you. (For more on the coaching process, see here.)

How much do sessions cost? 

I offer sessions via several packages aimed to meet a variety of needs.

Jumpstart with Strengths (Single session)

Great if you are feeling a little stuck or looking to boost your efforts through a deeper knowledge of your strengths. This package includes a Strengths Profile assessment (completed by you online) as well as a 75-minute debrief session to help you explore your strengths and hidden talents and identify how you might use them to achieve your goals.

Price: $175

Jumpstart with Strengths + Action Planning (3 sessions over 4-6 weeks)

For those who have a goal in mind and want more support in thinking through how to achieve it by leveraging their strengths. This package includes a Strengths Profile assessment (completed by you online), as well as three coaching sessions which are usually scheduled as follows:

  • Week 1 Strengths debrief (75 min) to explore your strengths and hidden talents

  • Week 2 Action planning session (45 min) to sharpen your goals and identify key actions to get you started

  • Week 4 - 6 Check-in and reflection session (45 min) to review your progress, discuss any challenges, and update your plan as necessary

Plan on using all sessions in this package within six weeks.

Price: $350

Change Partner Package (6 sessions over 3 - 4 months)

Ideal if you are looking for a collaborative partner throughout your change journey. Perhaps you are transitioning to a new role or looking to make a career change. Or maybe you want to better align your work to your sense of purpose, or craft a better sense of balance across the various areas of your life.

This package is suitable if you have already identified your change goals, as well as if you are looking for a more exploratory process to identify the “right” next steps for you. The processes and tools used to support you are tailored to your goals and preferences. Plan on using all sessions in this package in 3 - 4 months.

This six session package includes:

  • Initial reflection survey and life/work satisfaction assessment. (Add a Strengths Profile Assessment for $40)

  • One discovery session (60-70 min)

  • Five standard sessions (45 min)

Price: $525 without strengths assessment; $565 with strengths assessment. Either way, this package provides six sessions for the price of five!

Pay as you go rates

Established clients can add single sessions to a package at the following rates:

  • Strengths Profile assessment and debrief (75 minutes) $175

  • Discovery session (60 minutes) $125

  • Standard session (45 minutes) $100

  • Short session (30 minutes) $75

How does payment work?

Clients pay online via credit/debit card through my scheduling system. Payment is required when you book your session. You can reschedule sessions as long as you do so at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. Specific cancellation policies are provided in your coaching agreement.

Ready to get started? Take the next step.

The first step is to schedule a 30 minute chat with me, so we can talk through what you are looking to get from coaching and decide if we are a good fit. It’s free and there’s no obligation to continue.


These terms are current as of December 2018 and are subject to change without notice.


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